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Led HERO Ltd is the UK’s Premier Led Lighting Manufacturer and Importer, offering our UK customers excellent industry standard products but without the industry standard high price tags. If you are an electrical wholesaler or supplier, then call us now for our best prices and fast delivery from stock A huge amount of research and careful sourcing of products from our partners in the city of Yiwu iwho-we-are-imagen North East China has enabled a product range we are proud to present in the UK.
Products are inspected and tested for quality in our China lab in Yiwu and then double checked in the UK before being shipped to customers. LedHERO are a real (rather than virtual) companies in the UK. Unlike many other websites, this one is not offshore, not just a marketing operation, and not run from a back office in China. Call in and see the quality of our products for yourselves.
If you have any questions please Contact Us.